Create your own mobile network!

You decide on a name for your network
- we take care of all the rest.

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Your network’s name

Przetestuj przykładowe grafiki i zobacz poniżej efekty swojej personalizacji:

See your fully personalized network
on your computer

Fully personalized network

All the components of your client-dedicated network
will be fully personalized

1 You can decide what your
network will be called
in your client’s phone

Your network’s name Telefon

2 SIM card
starter pack

karta SIM Your network’s name

4 Here’s what the user’s panel
will look like

with logo of your company

Your network’s name Your network’s name okno przeglądarki

5 Personalized
Call Center

Name of your network, how can I help you? call center

6 Your subscribers will receive
personalized documents

Your network’s name personalizacja dokumentu

7 A new way to communicate
with your clients:
send them dedicated
short text messages

Your name Welcome to Your network’s name Nowy sposób komunikacji

8 You can create a website
on your own domain

Your name Your network’s name strona internetowa pod własną domeną


With your own mobile network you can:

  • Promote your brand

  • Support image-building activities

  • Develop consumer
    and employee loyalty

  • Support your PR and marketing activities

  • Generate additional revenue

  • Support the sales of your core products

  • Raise your company’s status

  • Contact your clients directly using
    short text messages

Jak działamy

How it works

All you need to do
is order your SIM cards
and we will take care
of the rest:

  • Telecommunications

    The high quality of our telecommunications
    services is guaranteed by the Plus network coverage

  • Telecommunications

    We will handle all the technical,
    integrative and systemic
    aspects of the process

  • Getting through formalities

    We will take care of official filing requirements, obtaining numbering ranges, developing price lists, terms of use and other documents for your Subscriber

  • Sales helpline

    We will carry out the sales process via our helpline

  • Subscriber Services

    We will take care of full after-sales service for your Customer using our helpline and
    e-Customer Service. For example, we will help you solve technical issues, SIM card activation issues, etc.

  • Customer Service (CS)

    Our personalized Customer Service will take care of invoicing, collecting your receivables, deactivating the cards, SIM exchange, assignment of service provision agreements, number portability, etc.

Sample offer

You decide on the details of the offer for your Clients.
Contract for unlimited period

Domestic calls


Data transfer limit

Cheap international calls to
Price plan S
1 month

No limit

No limit

3.5 GB

UE, China, India, Canada, USA
Price plan M
1 month

No limit

No limit

10 GB

UE, China, India, Canada, USA
Price plan L
1 month

No limit

No limit

20 GB

UE, China, India, Canada, USA
Price plan M
Contract for unlimited period
1 month

Domestic calls
No limit

Data transfer limit
10 GB

Cheap international calls to
UE, China, India, Canada, USA

Simple process

You choose how to use the SIM cards and virtual network as part of your own marketing plan
  1. 1. You decide on the name of your own network
  2. 2. You order the SIM cards
  3. 3. You sell the SIM cards
  4. 4. You make a profit and enjoy other benefits

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Rafał Kozłowski

Rafał Kozłowski LinkedIn

Prezes Zarządu

Piotr Sulik

Piotr Sulik LinkedIn

Managing Partner

Zbigniew Gawrych - Managing Partner

Zbigniew Gawrych

Managing Partner

Kamal Sitkowski

Kamal Sitkowski

Dyrektor Operacyjny

Marta Mroczkowska

Marta Mroczkowska LinkedIn

Brand Manager

Mateusz Starański

Mateusz Starański LinkedIn

Head of Business Development

Katarzyna Węglewska

Katarzyna Węglewska

Project Manager

Paweł Burzymowski

Paweł Burzymowski

Project Manager

Karolina Pietrzak

Karolina Pietrzak

Office Manager


Brand Reseller Model

We have a platform providing telecommunications services,
such as invoicing, CRM, card deactivation, SIM exchange,
assignment of services, number portability, Call Center, debt collection, etc.

We use Plus telecommunications network


About us

We originate from the group of Globitel and Globitell Wholesale companies
with many years of experience in providing innovative telecommunications
solutions for business.

Globitell Wholesale is leading provider of IOT/M2M services,
which enables mutual communication in real time with M2M devices
such as electricity smart meters, payment terminals
or tachometers - regardless of their location. The company offers also
voice and bulk SMS termination, anti-fraud systems, virtual mobile numbers,
leased telecom lines and telecom infrastructure development.

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Mateusz Starański
Head of Business Development
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Marta Mroczkowska
Brand Manager
+48 459 560 655

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Sky Office Center
ul. W. Rzymowskiego 31
02-697 Warszawa

District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw
13th Commercial Division
KRS: 0000696335
NIP: 521 379 57 82
Share capital: 40.000 PLN
Paid-up capital: 40.000 PLN

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