The coronavirus pandemic has benefited the growth of communications platform users. Many companies have been working with home office system since March 2020 and it is hard to see a change in this status quo on the horizon. In Poland, the first position among communication platforms is occupied by MS Teams. According to Microsoft data, the number of Teams users increased by as many as 75 million in the last six months, giving a total number of 115 million. MS Teams application allows to work comfortably and effectively both at home and in the office. Easy setup, intuitive use, ability to store multiple files, creating teams and video conferencing are just a few of the advantages of this application.

Integration of virtual numbering in MS Teams

Next Mobile adds another convenience to this list – the ability to implement mobile numbering. Integration of MS Teams with mobile network consists in assigning mobile numbers to MS Teams users and to particular events (conferences).

Service schema for deploying mobile numbers to MS Teams

The end of aborted conferences

Many home office workers struggle with poor internet coverage. The service offered by Next Mobile allows you to make and receive voice calls and SMS, even if you have a weak or no connection to the Internet. This is extremely useful in situations when, despite poor coverage, we need to participate in a conference or discuss important team tasks with our co-workers. 

Reducing costs

Another important advantage is the possibility to limit the company equipment to the absolute minimum – the company laptop. Thanks to the integration of MS Teams with mobile numbers, an employee will receive his/her own individual business phone number. Thanks to this number he will be able to communicate with other co-workers and business partners, at the same time maintaining the highest quality of connection, not deviating from a traditional telephone conversation. The caller will not be able to distinguish whether they are talking in a standard way or through an application. Implementation of mobile numbering service is extremely profitable for large companies, which need to provide each employee with a business phone.

Virtual mobile numbering

Another advantage is the fact that Next Mobile is based on Polkomtel’s infrastructure. The mobile numbering is provided by the telecom giant, thanks to which the company is able to ensure the highest quality of connections, short connection times and very good coverage within the country. As the only company in Poland, based on its own virtual numbering, it is able to handle SMS traffic in Microsoft Teams application. The vPABX solution works on the basis of SIP protocol according to RFC 3261 and handles incoming and outgoing traffic of client’s numbering.

Competitive prices

Another important distinguishing mark of our services are our prices. Based on our international contracts with foreign operators we are able to offer competitive prices for terminating international calls and providing local numbers in most countries in the world.

24/7 technical support

The Technical Department operates 27/7 to ensure continuity of service. With round-the-clock service, NEXT Mobile offers the highest quality of service and full ecepert technical support.

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