Recorders dedicated for gardening industry

Horticulture is one of the industries in which environmental conditions are extremely important. Their optimization and analysis no longer have to be a problem. Our intelligent recorders provide plants with optimal temperature, humidity and light duration for photosynthesis and growth stimulation.

Incorrectly adjusted temperature and dry air cause many plants to wither, which is why proper humidity and air circulation are so important. The ability to set an individual alarm threshold and sampling frequency allows for extremely detailed analysis, and synchronization with any device such as a laptop, phone or tablet allows you to read the measurements from anywhere in real time.

Our recorders can be powered from an electrical outlet or from replaceable batteries. Their sealed casing protects the interior against dust and dirt. By using a waterproof case, the recorders can also be used outdoors.

One recorder, multiple parameters to monitor

WS1 Pro

WS1 recorder allows to monitor many parameters with one device. Thanks to an additional, external temperature sensor it is also ideal for use in harsh environments

WS1 Pro logger has a built-in LCD display that shows current measurements and keeps you updated on any alarms or notifications. Compared to WS1, its enhanced Pro version has the ability to connect via cellular network.

The GS1 logger has the ability to connect to multiple sensors. The large LCD screen allows easy reading of measurements from externally connected probes. Due to its versatility, 4 probes can be connected to the logger simultaneously.

Basic information

Measuring range

The recorders allow for remote monitoring of the environment within the measuring range from -20 to +60°C, and humidity within the range from 10% to 90% RH (temperature accuracy: ±0.3°C, humidity accuracy: ±3% RH).

Our offer includes modern devices for remote measurement of temperature, humidity and lighting. The main advantages of our loggers include the ability to remotely read the monitored parameters. The sensors connect to a network via Wifi or cellular network, sending the measurement data to a dedicated IoT Platform. Thanks to this solution it is possible to analyze collected information using a computer, phone or tablet. Synchronization of the device with the server and data update takes place every minute, so the remote temperature/humidity reading is always up to date.

Smart recorders have built-in measurement sensors that monitor the parameters in the place where they are installed at the moment. It is possible to create a network of cooperating recorders, so you can remotely read the measurement data from multiple locations simultaneously.

IoT Platform

The IoT platform allows you to remotely access any Internet-enabled measurement device and read the collected data from any data logger. You can remotely change data logger settings, receive email notifications about alarm conditions, observe multiple sensors in one account. As an administrator you can share collected data and alarms with other users.

If the Wifi connection is lost, the DVR will store data in its internal memory with enough capacity to store 300,000 readings. It will automatically upload them to the cloud as soon as connectivity is restored. Some DVRs additionally support mobile data. They require a SIM card and of course 3G/LTE network coverage to operate.

Models supporting cellular transmission are recommended where immediate notification of failure is absolutely required.

Wireless data logger principle

Wireless data loggers are connected to the Internet via WLAN and store the collected data online in the cloud. Here are some of their advantages:

  • Data from remote measurement devices can be managed together in one place.
  • Data can be viewed and analyzed at any time and from anywhere in the world.
  • If limit values are violated, alarm notifications are transmitted immediately by email and to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • There is no need to install any other software on your computer. The data is accessed using a regular web browse
  • The user does not have to worry about data backup and failure-free server operation. All this is provided free of charge by the manufacturer of measuring devices.

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