With the NEXT IoT platform, you have real-time access to all monitored parameters

The IoT platform is a comprehensive solution that makes it easy to analyze measurements from multiple loggers in one place. The devices can be located in different locations around the world. The IoT platform provides an advanced map view showing all the loggers and allowing them to be viewed on screen.

Data visualization
Data analysis
Data storage in the cloud
Individual alerts
Monitor data from anywhere in the world

Data analysis and visualization with the NEXT IoT Platform

The IoT platform archives all data and makes it searchable with advanced features. This allows for direct comparison of historical and current data.

The service allows you to securely store your measurements in the cloud, so you are able to analyze the data you receive and maximize your efficiency.

The analytics tools available in the IoT platform allow you to take full advantage of the data collected. The service offers advanced charting features that allow you to visualize multiple data to analyze trends and relationships.

The IoT platform allows you to monitor DVR performance from anywhere at any time. The pre-configured system allows you to set individual alerts and receive notifications or emails when set thresholds are exceeded. The user himself decides how he wants to be alerted.

The DVRs connect to the network via Wifi/GPRS/4G/5G, so they automatically synchronize data with the IoT platform.

Next IoT Platform

The user can view measurement data from anywhere in the world via a website or mobile app. They are designed to ensure the security of all stored data. This ensures that the user does not worry about unauthorized access or other security breaches.

Mobile application

Install the app to set up your DVR quickly and easily. It gives you secure access to your data 24/7, wherever you are.
The application can be installed on:

  • IPhone (iOS 11+) – AppStore
  • Androia (Android 8.1+) – Google Play
  • MAC (OS X v10.8+)
  • Windows (Windows 7+)

Synchronization with IFTTT application – a concrete action, not just monitoring

The IFTTT (If This Then That) mobile application synchronizes with the DVRs and allows for detailed environmental control. By logging into your IFTTT app account, you have the ability to program a variety of events including turning on artificial lighting when natural light levels drop below a certain level. The system of interconnecting web-based applications and smart devices allows you to automate activities, saving you time and money.

IFTTT Synchronization

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