What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is an interactive software hidden on a website or in an instant messenger. Its task is to answer repetitive questions asked by customers. It helps to improve sales, answers the most frequently asked questions, or supports brand image creation (can be an element of an advertising campaign).

What are the advantages of implementing NEXTbot?

Increased customer engagement
Creating a customer base
Competitive advantage
Process automation
Optimization of working time

Many customers expect an immediate response and are looking for the easiest way to communicate with the company. Chatbot has many functions that allow you to increase your company’s efficiency and customer engagement.

Application of Chatbots:

Chatbot helps with:

  • Sales and customer service
  • Collecting feedback from customers
  • Providing basic information on opening hours, how to purchase products, and how to complate transaction on the website
  • Marketing
  • Recruitment processes

Examples of problems that chatbots solve:

  • Problems reaching customer service
  • Recurring questions from users (FAQ, complaints),
  • Problems with order completion and status
  • Decrease in the popularity of mobile applications resulting from, among others, the costs of development, maintenance and updating
  • Problems with selection of products and services by consumers

Industries that use Chatbots most often:

  • Administration & HR
  • Banking
  • Customer service
  • Entertainment (advertising campaigns)
  • Sales
  • KEP (courier, express and mail shipments)

Where we see Chatbots most often:

  • On websites
  • Online stores
  • Messengers
  • Mobile applications

Chatbot can be displayed as: widget, pop-up or tab on the page.

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