Differences between P2P and A2P SMS

Person-to-Person (P2P) communication is a two-way exchange of text messages between end users initiated from a cell phone. Application-to-person (A2P) communication is a text message sent from a business application – usually a web application – to a subscriber in the form of marketing information, verification codes or alerts, among other things. In most cases, A2Ps are one-way, so their primary purpose is to inform.

More and more companies are turning to Application to Person (A2P) messaging to reach and connect with their target audiences reliably, quickly and securely. 

Choose a service to suit your needs

Save Time

Create custom content templates and rules for sending messages to customers.


Choose the group of addressees yourself. Run marketing campaigns, complete tasks and analyze results.


Automatically populate templates with relevant information and content tailored to your audience.

What are the benefits of A2P SMS service?

  • Relevance and speed: SMS messages are opened more often and faster than email messages. With their short content, SMS messages are read within minutes of receipt.
  • Personalization: consumers want their communications to be perfectly tailored to their needs. A2P messaging for businesses enables personalized experiences for groups of customers.
  • Reliability: with its international coverage, NEXT Mobile connects to many operators around the world.
  • Functionality and automation: leverage data captured from customers by sending automated messages.

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