A2P communication is an effective and efficient way to build brand engagement. It is widely used in industries that care about building strong customer relationships, increasing loyalty and as a sales tool due to its effectiveness in Call 2 Action campaigns.

Online Stores

A2P communication allows you to provide universal information about your services, products and promotions. SMS marketing will work for businesses of all sizes. Use our service to notify your customers about new opportunities, make your application available for download, gain access to coupons. Get a direct and fast channel to reach your customers.

  • Inform about promotions and current campaigns
  • Send discount codes and information
  • Keep you informed about order status
  • Prevent abandoned shopping carts
  • Create loyalty clubs based on SMS messages
  • Increase website traffic with shortened “go to” lines


Through A2P SMS, many venues can increase engagement among customers and sales of their services by sending messages informing them of, among other things:

  • Promotional discount codes
  • Order processing status
  • Upcoming changes to the menu, opening hours or delivery conditions

Bankowość i finanse

A2P SMS service is widely used by banks and other financial institutions to avoid fraud in daily transactions. SMS messages help streamline the flow of information between financial institutions and customers.

The A2P SMS service allows you to:

  • Mobile verification (login authorization)
  • OTP (one-time passwords)
  • Automatic notification of upcoming or overdue payments
  • Immediate notification of emergency situations
  • Conducting marketing campaigns, e.g. informing about new services, encouraging to download applications
  • Conducting consumer surveys

Public offices and institutions

A2P SMS is ideal for emergencies and crisis situations where the message must reach the recipient within minutes.

  • Sending SMS alerts on emergencies
  • Sending notifications about the stage of completion of official matters or receipt of documents
  • Carrying out polls, surveys and civic polls

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